Father's Day 2024“How close are you?”Jeremiah 1-3NotesMP3Video
Mother's Day 2024"Lessons from a Desperate Momma"Matthew 15:22-28NotesMP3Video
Salvation"How Can I Be Saved?"Acts 16NotesMP3Video
Easter 2024"Finding Hope in the Resurrection of Jesus Christ"Luke 24NotesMP3Video
The Love of God"The Love of Jesus"Matthew 26NotesMP3Video
Christmas 2023“Christmas thru the Eyes of Isaiah”Isaiah 9:1-7NotesMP3Video
Forgiveness“Granting Forgiveness”Matthew 18:21-35NotesMP3Video
Assurance of Salvation“Assurance of Salvation” Part 22 Corinthians 5NotesMP3Video
Assurance of Salvation"Assurance of Salvation" Part 11 John 5:13NotesMP3Video
The Rapture"The Rapture and the Surrounding Events"1 Thessalonians 4NotesMP3Video
Israel at War"God's Prophetic Calendar"Ezekiel 38-29NotesMP3Video
Biblical Baptism"Baptism"Matthew 28:19-20NotesMP3Video
Laodicean Church"The Church in the Last Days"Revelation 3:14-22NotesMP3Video
How close are we to the rapture?"God's Prophetic Timetable"1 Thessalonians 4:13-18NotesMP3Video
After the death of the believer"What happens when we die?"Philippians 1:21NotesMP3Video
Are you sure of your salvation?"Are you sure you are saved?"1 John 5:13NotesMP3Video
Father's Day 2023"Father's Day 2023"Psalm 127NotesMP3Video
Mother's Day 2023"Realities of Motherhood"Ruth 1NotesMP3Video
The Israelites and the Gibeonites"The Wilily Gibeonites"Joshua 9NotesMP3Video
Easter 2023"The Resurrection of Jesus Christ"John 20NotesMP3Video
"The Wrath of God" Part 2"What in the World is Wrong?" Part 2Romans 1:16-32NotesMP3Video
"The Wrath of God" Part 1"What in the World is Wrong?" Part 1Romans 1:16-32NotesMP3Video
"What is Revival?""Is It Really a Revival?"2 Kings 22-23NotesMP3Video
The Rich Man and Lazarus"The Reality of Hell"Luke 16:19-31NotesMP3Video
The Tale of Jael's Nail"The Tale of Jael's Nail"Judges 4-5NotesMP3Video
Why Did God Become a Man?"The Humanity of Jesus Christ" Part 2John 1:14NotesMP3Video
Why Did God Become a Man?"The Humanity of Jesus Christ"Hebrews 2NotesMP3Video
Rapture and the Second Coming"The Rapture and the Second Coming of Jesus Christ"1 Thessalonians 4:13-18NotesMP3Video
Baptism"Baptism: What is it all about?"Matthew 28:19-20NotesMP3Video
Facing the Storms of Life"Peace in the Storms of Life"Mark 4:35-41NotesMP3Video
Demonic Activity"Demons on the Increase"Genesis 6 and Matthew 24NotesMP3Video
Women Pastors?"Is a Woman Pastor Biblical?"1 Timothy 2NotesMP3Video
Father's Day 2022"Noah, a Father to Learn From"Genesis 5-6NotesMP3Video
Daniel and the Lion's Den"Daniel and the Lion's Den"Daniel 6NotesMP3Video
Memorial Day 2022"The Importance of Remembrance"Joshua 3-4NotesMP3Video
Why Do I Need a Savior"Why Do You Need a Savior?"Romans 1-3NotesMP3Video
Mother's Day 2022"Great Women" Hannah1 Samuel 1NotesMP3Video
Easter 2022"Why is the Resurrection So Important?"1 Corinthians 15:1-58NotesMP3Video
Global Warming"Back to the Future" Part 2Genesis 10-11NotesMP3Video
Global Warming"Back to the Future"Genesis 10-11NotesMP3Video
A New Normal Part 3"Living with a New Normal" Part 3Daniel 1NotesMP3Not Available
A New Normal Part 2"Living with a New Normal" Part 2Daniel 1NotesMP3Video
A New Normal Part 1"Living with a New Normal" Part 1Daniel 1NotesMP3Video
Christmas 2021"Exchanging Gifts"Various passagesNotesMP3Video
Judas Iscariot"You had better be sure!"Acts 1:17NotesMP3Video
False Prophets - Part 9"The Mystery of Balaam" Part 3Numbers 22-25NotesMP3Video
The Need to be Born Again"The Serpent and the Savior"John 3NotesMP3Video
False Prophets - Part 8"The Mystery of Balaam" Part 2Numbers 22NotesMP3Video
False Prophets - Part 7 "The Mystery of Balaam" Part 1Numbers 22NotesMP3Video
Are you on the right path?"Are you on the right path"Matthew 7:13-14NotesMP3Video
False Prophets - Part 6"The Showdown on Mount Carmel" Part 21 Kings 18NotesMP3Video
False Prophets - Part 5"The Showdown on Mount Carmel" Part 11 Kings 18NotesMP3Video
False Prophets - Part 4"Beware of False Prophets" Part 41 Kings 22NotesMP3Video
False Prophets - Part 3"Beware of False Prophets" Part 31 Kings 22NotesMP3Video
False Prophets - Part 2"Beware of False Prophets" Part 2Various passagesNotesMP3Video
False Prophets - Part 1"Modern Day False Prophets" Part 1Various passagesNotesMP3Video
Ignoring the Warning Signs"Ignoring the Warnings"Genesis 6NotesMP3Video
Building a Strong Foundation"Building a Foundation for Life"Hebrews 10:23-25NotesMP3Video
Only Way to the Father"ONLY One Way"John 14:1-6NotesMP3Video
Father's Day 2021"Building a Family"Various passagesNotesMP3Video
Are you thirsty?"Who is thirsty?"Revelation 21:6NotesMP3MP3
Mother's Day 2021"Lessons from Jochebed"Various passagesNotesMP3Video
The Church of the Last Days"The Church of the Last Days" Part 2Revelation 3:14-22NotesMP3Video
The Church of the Last Days"The Church of the Last Days" Part 1Revelation 3:14-22NotesMP3Video
Easter 2021"The Encouragement in the Resurrection"Various passagesNotesMP3Video
The Faithfulness of God"The Faithfulness of God"Nehemiah 1-6NotesMP3Video
After the Rapture"After the Rapture" Part 4Revelation 8-9, 16NotesMP3Video
After the Rapture"After the Rapture" Part 3RevelationNotesMP3Video
After the Rapture"After the Rapture" Part 2Revelation 6NotesMP3Video
After the Rapture"After the Rapture" Part 1Revelation 6NotesMP3Video
Christmas 2020"The Hope of Christmas"Luke 2NotesMP3Video
The Anti-Christ"Is the World Ready for the Anti-Christ?"Revelation 6NotesMP3Video
David's Life"Crutches Removed" Part 21 Samuel 19-22NotesMP3Video
Runaway Slaves"Runaway Slaves"PhilemonNotesMP3Video
David's Life"Crutches Removed" Part 11 Samuel 19NotesMP3Video
Storm Warning - November 22, 2020"Storm Warning"Genesis 6NotesMP3Video
Socialism in America"Socialism in America"Various passagesNotesMP3VIdeo
Father's Day 2020"Warning All Fathers"Various passagesNotesMP3Video
Living by Faith"Living by Faith" Part 2Numbers 13-14NotesMP3Video
Living by Faith"Living by Faith" Part 1Numbers 13-14NotesMP3Video
Unity in the Church"Unity Within the Body of Christ"Psalm 133NotesMP3Video
What is happening in 2020?"What in the World is Happening" Part 4Daniel 7NotesMP3Video
Mother's Day 2020"Encouragement for Mothers"Various passagesNotesMP3Video
What is happening in 2020?"What in the World is Happening" Part 3Revelation 3:14-22NotesMP3Video
What is happening in 2020?"What in the World is Happening" Part 2Revelation 3:14-22NotesMP3Video
What is happening in 2020?"What in the World is Happening" Part 1Various passagesNotesMP3Video
Easter 2020"The Resurrection of Jesus Christ"Luke 24:13-35NotesMP3Video
Hope"The Hope of the Church"1 Thessalonians 4:13-18NotesMP3Video
Psalm 46"The Lord is Our Refuge"Psalm 46NotesMP3Video
Psalm 121"My Help Comes from the Lord"Psalm 121NotesMP3Video
Coronavirus"The Coronavirus through the Lens of Scripture"Philippians 4:6-9NotesMP3Video
The Danger of Rejecting the Truth - February 9, 2020"The Danger of Rejecting the Truth"Exodus 7NotesMP3Video
Forgiveness - February 2, 2019"The Peace of Forgiveness"Matthew 18:21-35NotesMP3Video
Christmas - December 22, 2019"Listening to the Message of Christmas"Luke 2:1-14NotesMP3Video
Biblical Truth about Homosexuality -
August 25, 2019
"The Truth about Homosexuality"1 Corinthians 6:9-18NotesMP3Video
July 14, 2019"The Gift of Tongues: Do They Still Exist?"1 Corinthians 13-14NotesMP3Video
Easter -
April 21, 2019
"The Resurrection of Jesus Christ"John 20:10-29NotesMP3Video
Abortion -
January 27, 2019
"The Sanctity of Human Life"Jeremiah 1:4-5NotesMP3Video
New Year's -
December 30, 2018
"Redeeming the Time"John 9:1-4NotesMP3Video
Christmas -
December 23, 2018 evening
"The Testimony of Simeon"Luke 2:25-35NotesMP3Video
Christmas -
December 23, 2018 morning
"Christmas and the Love of God"John 3:16NotesMP3Video
Resting in God - October 14, 2018"David's Peace"Psalm 3NotesMP3Video
The Way of Salvation - September 30, 2018"How Can I Be Sure I Will Be Accepted by God When I Die?"RomansNotesMP3Video
Father's Day -
June 17, 2018
"Building a Family"Psalm 127NotesMP3Video
Mother's Day -
May 13, 2018
Easter -
April 1, 2018
"The Resurrection of Jesus Christ"John 20:10-19NotesMP3Video
New Year's -
December 31, 2017 Evening
"The Prayer of Moses"Psalm 90NotesMP3Video
New Year's -
December 31, 2017 Morning
"Entering into the New Year"Isaiah 52NotesMP3Video
Christmas -
December 24, 2017
"The Need for Christmas"John 3:16NotesMP3Video
Christmas -
December 17, 2017
"The Virgin Birth of Jesus Christ"Matthew 1:18-25NotesMP3Video
November 26, 2017"Walking on God's Path"Genesis 12NotesMP3Video
August 20, 2017"Entering into God's Rest"Hebrews 3:10NotesMP3Video
Independence Day - July 2, 2017"David and Goliath"1 Samuel 17NotesMP3Video
Mother's Day -
May 14, 2017
"The Faith of Rahab"Joshua 2NotesMP3Video
Easter -
April 16, 2017
"The Importance of the Resurrection"1 Corinthians 15NotesMP3Video
Easter -
April 9, 2017
"The Trials and the Suffering of Jesus Christ"GospelsNotesMP3Video
Baptism Teaching - March 19, 2017"Baptism"Acts 2:36-43NotesMP3Video
Salvation Message - February 26, 2017"The Only Way to Heaven"John 14:6MP3Video
Christmas -
December 25, 2016
"The Birth of the Savior"Luke 2:1-20NotesMP3Video
August 21, 2016"Principles for Giving"MP3Not Available
Easter - March 27, 2016"The Resurrection...Does It Really Matter?"Various ScripturesNotesMP3Not Available
February 14, 2016"The Exclusiveness of Jesus Christ"MP3Not Available
New Year's - January 3, 2016"The Need for Spiritual Growth" Part 2Hebrews 5:11-14NotesMP3Not Available
New Year's - December 27, 2015"The Need for Spiritual Growth" Part 1Hebrews 5:11-14NotesMP3Not Available
Christmas - December 20, 2015"The Greatest Gift Ever Given"John 3:16NotesMP3Not Available
December 13, 2015"When God Changes Your Plans"Matthew 1:18-25NotesMP3Not Available
New Year's Eve - December 31, 2014"New Year's Eve Challenge"MP3Not Available